Traveling in the summer can be expensive, yet by choosing off-season locations, you can get more vacation for your money.  

Here are 5 can't miss destinations: 

New Zealand: While it is their winter, the temperature is nothing compared to Iowa's winter wonderland. Options, include renting a van and traveling the coast, lodges in wine country, or magical tree houses all at a fraction of the cost.  

Bonaire: Over 20% of the land and 100% of the water is protected national parkland, creating the perfect beach-side vacation, only a short flight away. 

South Africa: Ever wanted to go on a safari, but feared it was too expensive? Fear no more, during our summer prices drop, and the animals are easier to spot. 

Puerto Vallarta: A city with a Mediterranean feel to it, hidden within the Sierra Madre Mountains, creates the perfect getaway.  

Lake Tahoe: Looking to stay within the states, yet have the trip of a life time? Tahoe is the place for you, the beloved ski town turns into a beach town with plenty of biking, hiking, free concerts and water activities. 


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