Now that winter is over, it's important to take of your gear, to ensure it stays in top shape for next year. 

Wash Synthetic Base Layers with a Base Layer Wash

During the season, it's fine to wash synthetic base layers with regular soap, but at the end of the season, use a base layer wash.

We recommend: a special wash from Nikwax (in-store $8.95)

Wash and Re-DWR Outerwear

It's important to wash a shell at least once a season. Accumulated oil and dirt interferes with the shell membrane's ability to repel water and vent moisture. After washing, reapply a durable water-repellency (DWR) treatment. 

We recommend: a tech wash from Nikwax (in-store $16.95)

Let Insulation Breathe

Don't shove your down or synthetic puffy into the back of the closet. The layers need to be lofty and uncompressed to work next year. Treat it like a sleeping bag.

Let Everything Dry for Longer Than You Think

After your using your winter gear for the last time, let all your gear dry for a long time to make sure every last drop of moisture is gone. Put it out on the clothesline if it's a warm sunny day, and don't be afraid to run dryer-approved clothing through an extra cycle.

Store Everything in One Place

Once everything is clean and dry, store it in one spot so you'll be ready to go during the next big storm. Stop by Active Endeavors for more tips and care products. See more winter tips and the original post here