The Outdoor Industry is becoming an active force, putting their personal agendas aside to united. In 2012, the Outdoor Industry Association reported over 6.1 million employees in the industry, injecting over $646 billion into the economy. These numbers are rapidly growing, with their customer base expanding daily.

Currently, the number one priority for the industry is preserving public lands. While these companies are comprised of businesspeople- not activists, it is considered an important issue. Outdoor activities across the nation are being threatened, and the only option for these communities is to focus on the commonalities, and stand up together.

Funding lobbyists is another target point for the industry. While protests, calling and pressuring politicians at a local level is a start, it’s important for these corporations to lobby in D.C. The Outdoor Caucus is one project to bring lawmakers, policymakers and industry representatives together in outdoor activities to find common ground.

Lastly, the third approach involves boosting access. The idea behind this is to ensure that the outdoors is accessible to everyone. This includes creating access to more local recreation opportunities within cities, not just options that require a car.

In the coming months, the outdoor industry will continue to stand up for their beliefs, making their voices heard across the nation, through local and national initiatives. Learn more about their plans here