Q1: What is the difference between Merino Wool and Capilene?

Warmth: Both material provide warmth as base layers, especially for winter outdoor activities. 

Weight: Capilene is lighter than merino wool. 

Time to Dry: Capilene dries quicker.

Durability: Capilene is considered more durable than merino wool; however, recent technological development has allowed merino to become more durable and comparable to capilene.

Cost: Capilene is less expensive than merino wool. The reason is that merino wool is all natural, costing more to produce.

Which one should I get? 

This depends on personal preference. For people who want to buy all natural products, merino wool is the way to go. For people who are allergic to wool, capilene is a better choice. Both products are compatible in terms of warmth, wicking, and durability. Come in today and try both on to find out more about your favorite base layer! 

Q2: Does a jacket with more down filling means that it is warmer?

The short answer is no. 

A jacket with 300g of 550 fill down is equally as warm as a jacket with 120g of 800 fill down. The quality of the down matters more than the weight of down being filled in. One difference between the two is that a jacket with 300g fill down is heavier than the a jacket with 120g fill down.

It is also impossible to determine a jacket's warmth rating. The temperature that a jacket provides depends on a individual's body heat, base layers worn, other layers and activities the jacket is being worn for. 

Stop by before winter gets here and we'll help you find the best jacket for you and your lifestyle.