Summer vacation is almost over. The new semester starts in just a few days; however, there are still several ways to interact with nature:

1. Taking an Outdoor Activity Course: 

     The University of Iowa and several others offer many courses that provides you opportunities to get away from school for the weekend, while learning valuable skills. These courses usually start with orientations--teaching you basic knowledge and then, let you get first hand experience on a exciting weekend trip. If you are looking for longer trips and greater adventures, you can sign up for specific classes for a longer period of time, which usually occurs during breaks.

     Some of these classes include kayaking, canoeing, hiking, camping and rock climbing. If the one you are looking for is temporarily full, you can always join the waitlist for it. People sometimes have to drop out from the class because of unexpected scheduling conflicts.

2. Taking a Sustainability Related Course:

     One of many great sustainability related courses offered at the University of Iowa is Marketing and Sustainability. This course not only refreshes your opinion towards marketing, it shifts your world by teaching you how to be a better customer. As a student, you will probably meet one of your best friends here, or learn one of the lessons that inspires you the most here. 

     In this class, with different group projects, you will have the opportunities to explore activities you have never attempt to attend and visit places that will blow your mind.

3. Visiting City Park and other outdoor areas:

     It is still summer, and therefore, it is still a great time to meet up with some friends and enjoy BBQ in Lower City Park. Grills and seating areas are available.

     After the meal, play some outdoor games with your friends on the grass field. This is a great way to destress especially when midterms and finals come up.

     Overall, one of the best way to get away from stress is to get out of the house. Tasting some fresh air refreshes your mind; and at the same time, it also brings you a creative mindset.