Spending the holidays at home with our families is always great. What if your family love the outdoors? Easy, pack up and visit one of these places. A perfectly adventurous way to spend the holiday with your family!

W Trek, Patagonia

35 miles; 4 days

This trek has stunning scenery of mountains, lakes, glaciers and beech forests. Everything that's hard to find in the Midwest winter. The weather during the winter in Patagonia is the most stable. If you want to visit, NOW is the time!

Ozark Highlands Trail

Arkansas, 165 contiguous miles (218 total); 10-14 days

If you are looking to get away for a few days or weeks, this place is great for you. Ponds, creeks, and a forest of Red Cedars. The water dries up in the Summer; so if you visit in the winter, not only can you enjoy the water, but you'll have the place to yourself!

Tongariro Northern Circuit

New Zealand, 3-4 days; 27 miles

Home of many great movies and scenery shots, New Zealand is hard to miss when it comes to "places you should visit". On this path, you can see Emerald Lake, volcanic peaks, and the golden tussock-filled valley. If you are a fan of Lord of the Rings, now is your chance to take an adventure to Mordor.

Black Canyon Trail

Arizona, 82 miles; 7 days

This trail is bike-friendly. Located in Arizona, it's perfect for anyone who doesn't want to go over-seas and is more budget friendly. While it will be warmer than Iowa, still wear your pants and boots, as rattle snakes are in the area.

South Coast Track

Tasmania, Australia 40 miles; 6 to 8 days

If you prefer a guide to point you directions, this route is for you. Tasmanian Expeditions has been running small group expeditions since the 1980s. The guide will point you to the gold-sand beach, primitive jungles and other adventures.

Mountains of the Moon

Uganda, 43 miles; 8-9 days

This trek includes the summit of Margherita Peak, Africa's third highest peak, with views over Southwestern Uganda's snow-capped Rwenzori Mountains. No wonder it is called Mountains of the Moon.

Waitukubuli Trail

Dominica, 115 miles; 14 days

This trail snakes through two national parks and a forest reserve. On the way there you can explore jungles, camping sites, and a bed and breakfast. This trail also provides guides those that are interested in that option.

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