Trees are the lungs of the earth. The same way that your lungs help you breathe, trees help the earth breathe by decreasing carbon dioxide and increasing the oxygen in the air. Trees provide habitats, food, medicine, and homes for over half of the world's species, including humans!

How can you do your part as a citizen of Iowa City, to help save the trees?

Participate in the global Earth Month Paper Reduction Challenge during each April. We challenge all Active Endeavors employees and Iowa City citizens to reduce their paper usage by HALF... 50%.

 Here's how you can do that:

Think before you print

Is this document necessary?

Can it be viewed digitally?

Can you print it double-sided? 

Is your paper made from recycled materials?

Is your printer set to print single or double-sided?

 Shop wisely. 

Choose products made with recycled content. 

Shop local.

 Use recyclables. 

Avoid single-use disposable products.

Recycle when you can

 Spread awareness. 

Let others know about the importance of saving forests.

           Volunteer with an environmental group.