Socks with a lifetime warranty? Look no further than Icebreaker, a New Zealand based outdoor apparel company. These socks are just one of the many great products they sell. In fact, if you were inside Active Endeavors today (February 6th, 2017) you would hear Seth, a loyal Active Endeavors customer rave about the brand. According to Seth, “he’s tried every brand, and Icebreaker is the only brand he is willing to endorse, and he promises you won’t smell no matter how hard you work.” Seth spends his days in the trees—literally, as he climbs and trims them daily and has experienced the long life-cycle and durability of Icebreaker apparel.

Icebreaker’s lightweight fabric breathes in warm weather, and locks in the heat in cold weather allowing one to be comfortable year-round. The merino wool is sourced from 180 wool stations across New Zealand’s Southern Alps, and they’ve worked with these farmers since 1997. Jeremy Moon, the founder of Icebreaker gave the company all he had, after trying on a 100% merino wool shirt. It took Icebreaker three years to see a profit, and today they are in 8 countries. Learn more about Icebreaker here: