Love your weekend hikes and want to hike more but not sure where to start? We've got you covered. You've probably heard of the Appalachian Trail or the PCT, and those may sound overwhelming to you. These picks brought to you by RootsRated give you options of hiking for one week up to seven weeks. 

John Muir Trail

This trail is located in California, and you can expect it to take 2-3 weeks of your summer. Over the 211 mile journey, you won't cross a single road, which is just what John Muir himself would have wanted. But beware while the trail is remote, it is also extremely popular and it is important to make any reservations in advance.

The Long Trail

Located in Vermont, this trail is the country's oldest long-distance route in the country, and inspiration for the Appalachian Trail. You can expect this trail to take 3 weeks, and hiking is best late spring to late fall. 

Tahoe Rim Trail

Split between California and Nevada this trail should be hiked July-September and is expected to take 2-3 weeks. Looping around the lake this 165 mile trail is known for it's remote beauty, stunning panoramic views.

The Mid-State Trail

Taking anywhere from 5-7 weeks, this 522 mile trail is found in Pennsylvania and can be hiked from spring to fall. You'll cross steep ridgelines, pass through ghost towns, dense forests, and rolling plains. The best part about this trail is not that it straddles the Appalachians and the Allegheny plateau, but that the secret about this trail isn't out yet, and it's been said you'll come across more bears than backpackers.

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