Centuries ago, the only cure was the great outdoors, hospitals would have gardens for patients to work in, utilize natural remedies and encourage long walks in gardens. Today, while it’s not prescribed, nature is the most natural and beneficial cure we were given. From restoring relationships, to improving creativity skills.

Curing stress can be as simple as taking a walk and listening to the sound of nature. From the sounds of cicadas in the summer, to the rush of water, there is a restorative power from wild places.

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Outdoor Tips:

1.     Switch out the screen for the wild. While the travel channel, and movies of the wild may see enough, it’s not. Spending 1 hour outside a week, to help improve your attention span and memory.

2.     Blue is just as good as green. While spending time in green elements like forests do wonders for one, water and blue features are just as good. Make sure to include as much blue in your life as green to make the most of your psychological well-being. Next time try hiking along a river.

3.     Enjoy the sun. Not only does it help regulate sleep habits, but it gives you more vitamin D, even 5 minutes outside a day can help. Another thing you can do is reduce your use of screens prior to bedtime.

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